Mahashivaratri according to Shiv Puran

In Kotirudrasamhita of Shivpuran it has been told that by observing Shivaratri fast, one gets both enjoyment and salvation. On the asking of Brahma, Vishnu and Parvati, Lord Sadasiva told that by fasting Shivaratri one attains great virtue. One should follow rules on the four resolutions attaining salvation.

These are the four resolutions – worship of Lord Shiva on Shivratri, chanting of Rudramantra, fasting in Shiv Mandir and killing in Kashi. The four eternal paths of salvation are stated in the Shivpuran. Shivaratri fast has special significance among these four also. So it must be done.

It is the best tool of religion for all. This great fast has been considered to be the ultimate benefactor for all human beings, varnas, women, children and deities, with or without sin. The Mahashivaratri fast that takes place in Phalgun Krishna Chaturdashi in the Shivratri fast of every month has special significance in Shiv Puran.

 Why night awakening in fasting?

Sage sages consider fasting to be important in all spiritual rituals. According to ‘Vishaya Vinivartante Niraharasya Deenih’, fasting is the surest means of retirement. Hence fasting is essential for spiritual practice. The statement of saints on the importance of night awakening along with fasting is very famous – ‘Ya Nisha Sarvabhutanam Tasya Jagarti Sanyami’.

This simply means that only a moderate person who controls the senses and mind by worship can awake at night and try to achieve his goal. So fasting and night awakening can be appropriate for Shivopasana? What time other than night can be the time to meet dear Shiva?

For all these reasons, in this great fast, the devotees wake up at night with fasting and worship Shiva. Therefore, on Mahashivaratri special poojas are performed in all four rounds of the night. This worship is completed after morning aarti.

Mahashivratri Puja Method

According to Shiv Puran, a Vrati man should wake up early in the morning and after bathing evening work, wear a tilak of ash on his head and a Rudrakshmala on his neck and go to the pagoda to worship Shivaling methodically and greet Shiva. After that, he should take a pious devotion fast in this way –

Shivaratrivratam hyetat karishyenham Mahafalam.

Chaitra Tvatprasadaadjagatpate from Nirvighnamastu.

After leaving Pushpakshat water etc. in hand, saying this verse should be read-

From Devdev Mahadev Neelkanth Namoastu

Kartumichamayam Dev Shivaratrivratam Tav.

Tava Prasadaddevesh Nirvighnen Bhavediti.

Kamash: Enemy mother, mother of the victim, Kurvantu Nave

Hey God Hey Mahadev! Hey Neelkanth! Greetings to you. Hey, God! I want to fast your Shivaratri. Oh God! By your grace this fast should be complete without any problems and enemies like work, anger, greed etc. should not make me suffer.

Law of night worship

Chanting of Shiv Mantra should be done as per the authority throughout the day, ie, those who are Dwijs and who have been duly sacrificed and perform Yajnopavit as a rule. They should chant the ॐ Namah Shivaaya Mantra, but those who are non-married and women, should chant only Shivaay Namah Mantra without power.

Sick, infirm and elderly people can perform night worship in the day by consuming fruits, in the same way, it is best to do night rituals without consuming any energy.

Legislators have worshiped the four guards of the night. In the evening, after going to a Shiv temple or at home, according to convenience, facing east or facing north and wearing tilak and rudraksh, resolve the worship in this way – In order to make the duration of the country, it said, “ Mamakhilapakshya, Kalakabhishtisiddhaye Shivpriyatharth f Shiv Poojanam. It is good that under the instruction of a Brahmin, a Vedic scholar, get the Vedic mantras to perform Rudrabhishek ritual.

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